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Over the years we have come across a need to get access to certain film sound equipment brands that were so specific, no one represented them here.

Panamic - British carbon fiber boom poles with low flex and a perfect lock design

We are a long-standing dealer of Panamic microphone boom poles. These British carbon fiber poles were invented by the legendary British sound engineer Colin Charles and, after he retired, production was taken over by Canford, who gave the production a factory look.

Panamic boom poles are characterized by low deflection and an absolutely unrivaled design of individual section locks, which can be operated even with winter gloves. All parts are replaceable and, all in all, we dare say the Panamic is a pole for life.

We keep the most used Panamic models in stock and can thus cover even the most sudden needs and demands.

PANAMIC MINI BOOM POLE 5 section, 0.80 - 3.00 meters

Price is 25,513 CZK - including tax

PANAMIC MIDI BOOM POLE 3 section, 1.24 - 3.24 meters

Price is 22,666 CZK - including tax

PANAMIC MAXI BOOM POLE 4 section, 1.50 - 5.00 meters

Price is 30,662 CZK - including tax

Wireless from Lectrosonics - Most popular brand in America

Our other favorite brand is a wireless company from America Lectrosonics ( Lectrosonics have arguably been the most used ports in America for decades. We enjoy their great mechanical resistance, clear and easy-to-use menu, and uncompromising range and sound quality.

Focus on professional film sound engineers and the B2B sector

With sales, we mainly target the B2B sector and professional film sound engineers.

If you are interested, we will be happy to explain everything to you and even lend it to you to try out. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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