Post production studio

Post production studio

We have a decent studio, B1, suitable for film production. It’s located on Sezimova street in Nusle. A cozy place where you can record ADRs or voiceovers. Or you can just meet with the director or production over the current version of the project. Unfortunately, we are not designed for large advertising delegations, however, we can handle today’s frequent request to “connect an agency online.”

Studio technology and equipment

Technologically, we strive to ensure that recording can proceed smoothly.The studio is equipped with a Protools HDX card for uncompromising, latency-free recording. In addition to the large diaphragm microphones, we can connect a number of analog location microphones and thus keep the same microphones that were used during filming. Our ground floor is a big help in this sound equipment rental mixing stage B3 at Žižkov.

In terms of performance and plugins, everything is built for perfect compatibility with ours, mixing hall B3 in Žižkov so that projects can be smoothly transferred as needed.

Experience with film post-production

During our 27 years of operation, we have gained very valuable experience with film post-production, which we can practically provide for you “on a turnkey basis.” We can do everything from the initial conforming of data from the editing room to the final mix and delivery of materials. We will provide the recording and editing of Foley sound. If necessary, we can use a sound or music database or provide voice casting.

In addition to film sound, we also like to work on smaller projects, such as various podcasts or audiobooks and charity projects. We are extremely open. We don’t even mind renting a studio for projects that have their own sound engineer.

Want some coffee? We have Brazil Santos coffee from a local shop on Nuselská Street. So stop by 🙂

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