Mixing Stage B3

The B3 mixing stage for all various film projects is at Kubelikova 46 (Žižkov). The mixing stage is an important element for creating great sound, which can be an elusive emotion. So having the proper environment is vital to success.

The small house in the backyard has a long film tradition stretching back to the First Republic, through Short Film and the Wild Nineties, to our takeover of the studio in 2011.

From the beginning we have tried to keep the studio relatively simple, deliberately avoiding dedicated mixing consoles and sticking to the world standard Pro Tools. Thanks to this, almost anyone who dares to undertake a film mix can work in our studio. We love cooperation and are open to everyone.

Since 2022, we have technologically expanded the studio for a mix in the Dolby Atmos Home Theater format, which is gaining ground within streaming platforms.

The mixing studio complex also includes a TV 5.1 editing station and a small speaker room, which can serve as support for the studio, as well as complete independence for various television and advertising projects.

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