Audio equipment rental

We operate an extensive rental of sound equipment, intended primarily for recording film sound. Find us at the address Sezimova 10 (Nusle).

Our rental company operates as an open ecosystem. We are happy to rent everything from comprehensive systems for shooting large film projects, to documentary sets to individual microphones and wireless, even if you just need a single microphone.

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Need some help?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are happy to advise you which equipment is suitable for your project and budget.

Sounding live events is not our area of experitse. We won’t sound concerts or other live shows, but we are equipped to cover moderated discussions or small opening events.

We can also solve less common tasks such as help with radio spectrum management, hidden “in-ear” monitoring (IEM), more complex playbacks edited directly on the set and, much more.

Sound equipment

In our inventory, you’ll mostly find recorders from Sound Devices, Lectrosonics wireless, and microphones from Sennheiser and Schoeps. For microphone boom poles, we like Panamic. And for timecodes, we mostly use Betso boxes from a local manufacturer in Zbraslav.

Audio equipment list

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